“Mom, We’re Black!”

by Peter Bobley

Illustrated by Patrick Carlson

“Mom, We’re Black!” is a soft cover book, comprised of sixty-four pages (thirty-one spreads) with text on the left hand page and cartoon on the right. Each spread portrays an important element in history. Topics covered include the fictional and supernatural aspects of religion, the selfish nature of man, how human IQs rose for inexplicable reasons, the creation of language, the significance of the ability to create fiction, the need for law and money, admitting ignorance and the role of science, the subjugation of women, the consequence of man-made pollution since the industrial revolution, wealth disparity, empire expansion and cruel leadership, the accelerated role of technology and the threat of nuclear weapons and climate change.

For a million years Homo sapiens hunted animals and gathered vegetation in small nomadic tribes on the savanna of Africa. We are all black Africans with the identical genetic code. We think alike and behave alike because our instincts evolved collectively during hundreds of thousands of years in Africa. We cry when we’re sad, smile when we’re happy, bleed when we’re injured, and we all want to be loved and cared for. We’re not French per se or Catholic per se. We’re human per se.

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