Nobody Asked Me, But…(with apologies to Jimmy Cannon)

by Peter Bobley

Illustrated by Patrick Carlson

Nobody Asked Me, But… is based on a column that the sportswriter, Jimmy Cannon, created in the 40s. The column was a list of quips, thoughts and unconnected observations presented in punchy, rhythmic, streets-of-New York prose, such as “If I had a choice of drinking partners, I’d pick Winston Churchill”, or “The higher the girl’s heels, the skinnier her legs figure to be.”

This book contains 120 new quips in the Cannon tradition, authored by Peter A. Bobley. Drawn by Pat Carlson, Carlson and Bobley added cartooned illustrations with the hope of making the reader stall a bit on each. Here’s the idea:

  •  Growing up is learning that new sneakers don’t make you run faster.
  • Success is having more than one Chapstick.
  • The pain of nostalgia is too often the pain of failure.
  • You’re either good at stuff or you’re not.
  • Other restaurants are rehearsals for Italian ones.
  • You can’t inherit a religion.
  • Dogs are basically morons.
  • Life is too short to appreciate and too long to remember.
  • Soldiers don’t deserve more respect than dentists.
  • Robots have just begun to fire a billion people.

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